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Client wishes to retain the services of Contractor to provide consulting services.

NOW THEREFORE in consideration of the terms and conditions in this Agreement, Contractor and Client agree as follows:

1. Term: This Agreement commences on today's date, and continues indefinitely, unless terminated in accordance with the provisions of section 7.

2. Remuneration: For the Term, Contractor shall be paid a monthly retainer as quoted through initial correspondence (US funds) for a minimum commitment of 12 weeks. Please be advised that once a payment comes through, you are committed to another 4-week block, not a refund. Lean Bodies Consulting does not offer refunds; once a transaction is processed it is considered final.

3. Payments: Contractor will provide a PayPal link for the Client to set up an automated billing system where the monthly fees will be automatically drawn at four-week intervals.

4. Reimbursement for Expenses: Except where otherwise agreed to in writing, the monthly retainer will cover all of Contractor's business expenses related to carrying out his duties under the Agreement.

5. Services: Contractor will provide nutritional and exercise consulting to Client as requested by Client

6. Nature of Relationship: Contractor shall perform the Services as an independent contractor, and nothing contained in this agreement shall be construed to create or imply a joint venture, partnership, principal agent, or employment relationship between the parties or between Contractor and Client. Contractor hereby agrees to pay, at Contractor's expense, all income taxes, levies, charges, and contributions which may be required to be paid by or to any competent government authorities on behalf of Contractor. Client agrees to pay, at Client's expense, all taxes for sales or services (including Contractors services) such as may be required by a competent court or governmental organization.

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