Our Story

Erik's interest in physique transformation started with consulting for local bodybuilding competitors while studying Kinesiology at McMaster University. The hook for results, in an evidence-based way, was set. After completing his degrees, he worked for MuscleTech Research & Development and was responsible for the creation and long-distance implementation of the nutrition and exercise programs behind many of the before-and-after showcases during that time. His entrepreneurial spirit kept him consulting on his own where the seeds were planted for Lean Bodies Consulting.

LBC was born in 2004 and has operated exclusively in the online space ever since. In that time Erik has written thousands of programs for clients literally all over the world. The love for getting results in competitors as a trainer has matured into a thriving passion for helping people through obstacles and road blocks as a Coach.

Erik has grown LBC from a team of 1, to starting with an expansion in 2013, a current Dream Team of 9 with plans for further growth. Erik's key has always been a high priority on always remaining aware of current evidence/science but not succumbing to fads and newsflashes, instead remaining true to the scientific fundamentals of how to get results in a one-on-one online fashion.

One of the main reasons for originally Erik's, and now the Team's, continued growth in an increasingly competitive space is a long-standing and proven track record. LBC has consistently helped clients from all walks of life, from competitor to new moms get results that were worth it, and as a result, the entirety of Erik's and LBC's growth came from word-of-mouth, client referrals, tons of online social proof and then having the good timing of being early on social media.

Erik's motto of the competitor days, "We don't rebound" has been rewritten for today as "If the methodology used is not sustainable, then the outcome achieved is less likely to be maintainable."

Today, Erik shares the CEO responsibilities of Lean Bodies Consulting with his wife and fellow Coach Amy, or as another way they like to see LBC as standing for, Lifestyle & Balance Coaching. Together they're also mom and dad to 5 children with an age span of 13 years. It has been the union of Erik and Amy, the joining of their business forces, the building of their vision, life and purpose together, their increased interest in diet psychology and the growing evolution in what matters to LBC as a result - achieving results that last, via personalized coaching overseeing evidence-based programming, packaged in a uniquely sustainable way.

Amy, after struggling with weight issues the majority of her life, realized when her son was 9 months old that she did not want to be the mother that sat on the park bench while her son ran around. She wanted to be the mother that ran around with him!

So, like most stay-at-home home moms at the time, she started her journey with the help of home exercise videos and Weight Watchers. Over the next year Amy lost close to 70 pounds and was down to a size 8. It was here that the strength-training bug then bit her. Since then she went from trainee, to trainer to online trainer, to owning and operating Curls & Whey Training which went through its own wait list and expansion, before LBC and CWT merged. Now? An impactful online Coach, but always a gym rat at heart.

Amy has also always had a passion for creating healthy recipes and she put her ideas together in her first recipe book, called Curls & Whey, Better Eating, Better Choices, Better Body.

As a Coach, multiple business owner and mom to 5 kids, it's not surprising to hear that lthe Ledin house is a very busy one. Amy consistently sets the bar high in every area of life and her clients are no exception. Amy makes time to maker her health a top priority all ever without her family sacrificing. Amy likes to say, “If I can find the time, we can all find the time. Achieving goals, learning to maintain that achievement and setting new goals doesn't have to be an overly time consuming journey. It's a matter of making yourself a priority too because a better you is also a better you for everyone around you”. One of the things Amy loves doing is finding practical ways to make any nutrition strategy fit into each client's life. After all, “If the methodology used is not sustainable, then the outcome achieved is less likely to be maintainable.”

Amy has now successfully kept off her weight loss of 90 pounds for 15 years.

Amy's original career path wasn't originally pointing in the direction of the fitness, health & wellness industries as she holds a Bachelors of Science with a major in Criminal Justice. However, as her own passion for fitness and nutrition grew, she completed the following certifications: Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) from the National Strength & Conditioning Association, AFAA Group Instructor and Personal Fitness Training as well as TRX certified.

ik holds a Bachelors of Kinesiology (B. Kin) from McMaster University, as well as a Bachelors of Education (B. Ed) from the University of Windsor. Erik has completed the following certifications: Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT), both from the National Strength & Conditioning Association, and was part of the first class to sit for the Certified Sports Nutritionist certification from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN). Hc credits Lyle McDonald, Dr. Stu Phillips from McMaster University and Scott Abel as being influences at different points in his journey.